Limonene is characterized by a distinctly fruity and citrusy profile. This fresh-smelling terpene can be found in citrus fruit, cleaning products and cosmetics. Although these naturally occurring oils are easy to detect in flower, you should not assume that just because a particular strain smells like lemon or citrus that it definitely contains higher concentrations of limonene. The only sure-fire way to ensure you are consuming a strain with an abundance of limonene is through lab testing.

This citrusy terpene is rather mysterious. It has been linked to many possible benefits such as antifungal and antibacterial properties, elevation of mood, stress relief, and relief of digestive issues, but there is still much research to be done. There is also some evidence suggesting limonene may aid in the absorption of other terpenes. Perhaps limonene’s most promising benefit is its ability, in high concentrations, to produce anti-tumor effects in the human body.

As if this strain did not already have incredible potential, it has also been found to suppress appetite. Although it is still unclear how limonene targets our brain and body to provide its many benefits, the limited research available has shown that inhaling limonene vapor increases serotonin levels. This effectively aids in combating anxiety and depression.

Limonene vaporizes at a temperature of 348⁰F. Limonene can be found in many popular strains such as Do-Si-Dos, Wedding Cake, and Strawberry Banana. Its fresh scent and flavor profile make for a highly pleasant and flavorful experience that elevates your mood. Those who enjoy pinene-dominant strains will likely enjoy strains high in limonene as well.

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