Terpinolene is present in many strains but is often outshined by other terpenes which more commonly occur in higher concentrations. Currently, only one in ten commercial strains is terpinolene-dominant. While other terpenes possess very distinct smell profiles unique to each, terpinolene is more multidimensional and showcases smells found in various of the other common terpenes. Found in nutmeg, apples, and lilacs, its scent encompasses piney, floral, and even citrusy notes.

While it is often overshadowed by its more prominent companions, terpinolene has its own benefits and may even help enhance the effects of other compounds present in cannabis. Its fresh scent and antibacterial properties make it a preferred additive to soaps and detergents.

In addition to the properties that make it desirable in cosmetics and cleaners, terpinolene’s profile has been shown to repel insects such as mosquitoes. This terpene may also be heart-healthy, helping to reduce the risk of heart disease when ingested as part of a nutritious diet. It has also been linked to the inhibition of tumor cell growth.

Some popular strains containing higher concentrations of terpinolene are Jack Herer, Ghost Train Haze, and Golden Pineapple. It is important to remember that much is yet to be learned about this terpene. Terpinolene, as any other terpene, works in tandem with the other compounds present in the strain. Although linked to elevation in mood and relaxation, it is important to note that some terpinolene-dominant strains may not have sedative effects.

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